Web Wednesdays – September Week Three

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It’s a big week for releases! In this article, we take a look at one of Nissan’s most iconic models, as well as all the latest from that questionable Apple keynote!


Apple’s keynote was… just okay.


We start with Apple, and their launch event that took place last night. It’s hard to believe it’s time for another iPhone launch, it feels like they come so thick and fast lately that these big events have slightly lost their appeal. I completely understand if you’re not a lover of Apple, some people live and breathe them, others most certainly do not.

But love them or hate them, you cannot ignore their impact on technology. Last night’s event took place of course in California, and was dominated by the launch of the iPhone 13, which promises better battery life, an even better camera and more storage options than ever before. Infact, the range-topping 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage will set you back a record breaking $1,600, the most expensive phone in Apple’s history. Aside from the new phone, Apple launched new iPads, including the welcome return of the iPad Mini, as well as a fresh-faced Apple Watch that’s tougher than ever.

The keynote didn’t bring much joy however, as it seems the ‘surprise and delight’ element that made these events so special has well and truly gone. Many long standing fans of the brand were left feeling completely underwhelmed by much of the releases, especially the Apple Watch, which has undergone incredibly minor changes. What will it take to bring back that Apple magic?

Nissan release a new GT-R variant.

Next we head to Japan, and a look Nissan’s latest variant of the iconic GT-R. The new model was revealed yesterday in a live stream, and will be available in Premium Edition T-spec and Track Edition Engineered by Nismo specifications. But before you get too excited, they sadly aren’t coming to the U.K. – heartbreaking i know.

The two models sport bespoke carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbonfibre rear spoiler, limited badging and an exclusive engine cover. They also gain Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade paint colours, used on previous GT-R generations. For me personally, some of the best shades ever fitted to a car. So i guess we’ll have to ogle at these new models from our screens for now whilst Japan enjoys them, but it’s comforting to see that Nissan is still pushing the GT-R name and giving it the limelight it so dearly deserves!



Gran Turismo 7 finally gets a release date.


Finally, we stay in Japan, and go from real life cars to virtual ones. This week the world quite literally burst with excitement at the news that Gran Turismo 7 is finally coming to Playstations, and sooner than anyone expected. The iconic video game name started way back in 1997, where creator Kazunori Yamauchi wanted to create a game that united car enthusiasts around the world. With 140 cars on offer, including two different career modes and some truly challenging races, the original Gran Turismo was an instant success, eventually selling 10.85 million copies worldwide.

After monumental success across the decades, the Gran Turismo franchise has evolved into the go-to simulation game for any car enthusiast or motorsport fan. With its latest release – Gran Turismo 7 looks to extend on that tried and tested ethos, whether you’re a competitive or casual racer, collector, tuner, livery designer or photographer – find your line with a staggering collection of game modes including fan-favourites like GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School.

With so much emphasis on the gaming world and companies spending more and more of their budgets looking to start brand loyalty from a young age, titles like Gran Turismo are incredibly big business for car brands. We cannot wait to see how the game and its contents develops over the next few months, but with a release date of March 2022 for both Playstation 4 and the impossible – to – buy PS5, we don’t have long to wait!



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