Web Wednesdays – September Week Four

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Wednesday has come around again already, and we’re here to bring you some news from a very busy week for the motor trade!


Used car prices up 16.6% on average in 2021


We start with some good news if you’re looking to sell your used car, but bad news if you’re looking to buy one. It’s been a strange few years for car sales, or pretty much any industry come to think of it, but with mass shortages of electronic chips affecting almost every new car, punters are turning to used, meaning demand has soared, and supply has plummeted. This inability to find used cars has caused huge problems for car dealers both large and small, and has led to the average price of a used car increasing by 16.6% in 2021. 

On the flip-side, new car registrations fell by 22% in August to 68,033 units, in one of the quietest months of the year leading up to the September plate-change. The monthly performance was the weakest since August 2013, and it’s unlikely to recover any time soon.

The cutest of EVs is coming to the U.K

But anyway, we might not be able to buy new cars as quickly as we usually can, but that doesn’t stop brands from releasing shiny new models, and there is one in particular we are excited about. A two seater fully electric car that’s already seen monumental demand all over the world. It’s not a Tesla, not the new electric Porsche Cayman, it’s…. The Citroen Ami.

After initially only ever being marketed for France, Citroen have made quite a significant U-turn and will now be sold in the UK! 12,000 customers have already registered their interest, and according to Citroen bosses the response to Ami has been overwhelming, and the momentum has just built up to a point they just couldn’t can’t say no. To many, the Ami is more than just a swish new electric car too, it embodies a view that the brand has of future transport, around affordability and usability. Selling it in the UK gets those values across in a way that no marketing campaign ever could.



When art meets cars

And now we wanted to talk about art. But not just any art. Art Cars. We actually shared a quick glance into the iconic BMW Art Cars on our Instagram account yesterday, but we just couldn’t leave this one to just a single post, especially when there’s a new one in the works. But let’s go back to the very beginning to find out the origins. When the French racing driver Hervé Poulain came up with the idea of getting a race car designed by an artist in 1975, no-one could foresee what would develop from it, it became the world’s most consistent combination of automobiles and art. 

The principle is pretty simple – a well-known artist designs a BMW race or production car based on their own ideas. And that’s essentially it, the crazier the better! That always means the results are incredibly diverse. No two vehicles are the same, just like no two pieces of art are ever the same. After the success of the first Art Car in 1975, the artists and the cars just kept on coming. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney have all designed cars over the years. 

So why are we getting so teary about old BMWs with paint on them? Well, because there’s a new one coming. There’s an all-new BMW 2 Series coupe, and opinions on its styling are best described as ‘mixed’. This one isn’t strictly an official Art Car, but instead its eight-colour design melds the flags of Germany and Mexico to denote the fact that examples of the latest 2 Series will be rolling out of a South American factory. The design guzzled over six litres of paint, every drop of which was applied by hand to make it a seven-week process to jazz up this particular 2 Series. We’ve also found this incredible app through Acute Art, which allows you to see all of the BMW Art Cars through magical AR, love it.

Let us know which one your all-time favourite is, we understand this is a very hard decision to make!



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