Not just for cars, but for commercial vehicles too.

Allowing commercial vehicle dealers to take advantage of AdFeeder’s innovative automation technology and the features that go with it, our commercial vehicle product offers an easy way to advertise your used and new stock online. AdFeeder’s commercial vehicle products automatically generate highly optimised PPC campaigns based on data files, helping dealers reach their desired audiences through Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

Why choose AdFeeder?

Changes to stock or vehicle models are reflected in ads.

Whether you’re advertising used or new commercial vehicles, any changes to these vehicles – e.g. price – will be picked up by AdFeeder and reflected in your ads each day.

Ad copy is always relevant and up to date.

By taking elements such as year, make, model, pricing etc from your stock data file, AdFeeder ensures that copy is always relevant to the specific vehicle being advertised.

Every possible keyword combination is covered.

Each vehicle is broken down into elements, which are then grouped into themes – these are then used to generate keywords and a relevant ad is written for each keyword.

You get the right traffic at the right price.

AdFeeder’s campaigns are so well optimised that in turn, your quality score will rise and you’ll begin to notice a significant reduction in your cost per click.

Find out more.

AdFeeder is a complex and effective solution to many of the digital marketing problems that dealers are commonly facing, so let us show you how we can help you sell more cars with a free online demo.

LucyAdFeeder for Commercial Vehicles