Web Wednesdays – October Week Three

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The seemingly never-ending month of October continues, and as we head deeper into spooky season the news is really ramping up. We’ll have a very special Halloween edition of Web Wednesday coming your way next week, but for now let’s get right into this week’s episode!


There’s a new Integra on the way!


We start with a true car enthusiast’s favourite. Honda have made some seriously enjoyable cars in their rich history, and for most cars like the S2000, NSX and Civic Type R often spring to mind. Whilst all of those are very worthy models that are actually already rocketing in both value and acclaim, we wanted to talk about the Intregra. 

Under the Honda lineup, the Integra was near the middle, slotting above smaller cars such as the Honda City, the Honda Civic, and the Honda Logo. No – there is actually a car called the Honda Logo, not a giant emblem with wheels. The Honda Integra was considered to be mid-sized car by Japanese standards.

We have a pretty cool fact about the Integra that we’re sure many might not know about. The Integra was originally a V-Twin Sport Bike in 1982 known as the VT250F/Integra. The Integra motorcycle production run would overlap the 1985 debut of the Honda/Acura Integra automobile, and it would end production in 1988.

After 1988, the Integra model name would only be used on the Honda automobile, and became one of the most important cars in Honda’s history. The Type R models in particular are often regarded as some of the best handling front wheel drive cars ever built, with dynamic styling and endless possibilities when it comes to making it your own. Queue aggressive examples of early 2000s max power cars here.

 The Integra went out of production in 2006, but strangely Honda didn’t let the name go into retirement and in 2012, the Integra name returned, but it went back into the motorcycle world. Just to confuse you even more, there’s now going to be a new Integra car, and it looks like enthusiasts around the world can relax, it’s going to have a manual gearbox! Honda has revealed only a few teasers so far, but this latest one we get to experience the iconic sound of a high-revving 4 cylinder engine as it bangs through the gears, making for just glorious viewing.

We’re very excited to see where this one goes!


Apple’s supplier moves into the electric vehicle market

Next we head over to one of Apple’s biggest suppliers – Foxconn. The Taiwanese company has revealed a trio of prototype electric vehicles under a new brand called Foxtron, including a prototype electric SUV, an electric saloon and a bus. They do have some rather questionable names though, and have clearly taken some inspiration from, well we’ll leave you to decide. They’re called the Model C, Model E and Model T. 

The two passenger cars are the first cars based on the firm’s new Hon Hai Open Platform, which the company says is a modular system designed to underpin a broad range of vehicles, including a saloon, MPV, SUV and a sporty GT car. Foxtron hasn’t explicitly named the players that are directly responsible for the new platform, but the firm has already signed partnerships with several big-name companies such as Stellantis, Rivian and Geely, Volvo’s Chinese owner. 

Foxtron says the modularity of the new electric platform means it can suit a range of cars spanning between different segments too, with power outputs ranging between 134bhp to a staggering 858bhp, with targeted range figures also stretching from 186 miles to more than 497 miles. 



Two very special edition Alfa Romeos are coming

Finally, we head to Alfa Romeo, and the news that they have released some very special edition variants to the Stelvio and Gulia. You might have already spotted that Alfa Romeo likes giving the Giulia and Stelvio frequent new paint shades to choose from. The special editions are coming pretty frequently now, especially considering how new the Stelvio actually is, which suggests either the cars aren’t quite selling as fast as expected and need a bit of a birthday, or that Alfa is just putting that immensely rich heritage to good use and relishing in the opportunity to create unique versions of their lineup. Being totally honest – we think it might be the first one in this instance. 

But anyway, let’s not get bogged down talking about struggling Alfas, the special editions give us an opportunity to talk about some classic models. Even the names are super cool, with the Stelvio and Gulia now having GT Junior to their nameplate. And let’s talk about that colour – it’s called Lipari Ochre, and is as close as you’ll get to the shade from a period 1300 Junior, which Alfa conveniently managed to find when photographing the cars in Milan. 

The Junior specials are based on the Giulia and Stelvio’s Veloce trim level, and get new alloy wheel designs to complement the paint scheme as well as new trim inside, the GT 1300’s side profile etched into the dashboard and ‘GT Junior’ stitched into the headrests.

Power wise – there is a 207bhp diesel and 276bhp petrol engine, which actually has three times the power of the original 1300 GT Junior, but perhaps not quite as much charm. 

Despite it all, we’re just happy to see Alfa Romeo back creating cars that take inspiration from their history, and bringing the fight to those pesky Germans while they’re at it!

As we mentioned at the start of the show, be sure to tune in next week where we bring you a very spooky edition of Web Wednesday! 



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