Web Wednesdays – Halloween Special

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It’s that time of year again, spooky season! Hold onto your hats everyone, we’ve got plenty of treats and the odd trick in this week’s episode of Web Wednesday, let the spookathon commence!


Plenty of new cars are on their way!


There’s also a flurry of new Mercs on their way, and the exciting kind too. There’s been an awful lot of buzz around the return of the SL name to Mercedes’ lineup, but it looks like it’s finally happening. The S Class looks set to move closer to electric too, with the new S63 AMG variants heading to a hybrid engine, boasting over 800 horsepower in its most powerful form. 

There’s also a new 718 Cayman on the horizon, and not the electric one we keep banging on about, no sir. It’s an even aggressive-r version of the already pretty aggressive GT4, called the GT4 RS. The details are sparse at the moment, but it has recently a lapped the shorter Nurburgring loop a whole 23 seconds faster than the conventional GT4, ridiculous really!


Original Countach designer isn’t a fan of the new one


Before we get to the good stuff, we just had to throw in this story from an Italian icon. We’ve all seen the new Countach by now, and whilst some are happy with it and welcome the returning name with open arms, some most certainly are not. Some of those being legendary car designer Marcello Gandini. He wants you to know that he had nothing whatsoever to do with the new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. In an extraordinary press statement, Gandini, 83, appears to be tired of fielding questions about a car that pays homage to the ground-breaking 1971 original, which he designed while working for Bertone.

Not only that, but he claims to have been completely unaware of Lamborghini’s plan to create a limited series 50th anniversary Countach, despite participating in an interview with the company’s design director, Mitja Borkert, in June this year. Although he was shown a scale model of the new car, he is far from complimentary about the end product. 

The sass in this one is truly inspiring!



Do you own a ghost car? ?

But anyway, let’s fire up this spook train. Being the week where brands bombard you with ‘treat or treat’ emails and ‘Everything must go or die’ deals, we wanted to talk about something car spookier – ghosts. Not casper, not those clearly staged videos that circulate on TikTok, no sir, we’re talking ghost cars. 

Ghost cars are cars that were once found littered around Britain’s streets, but are now facing extinction just like the dinosaurs. With the help of the brilliant website howmanyleft.com, we were able to see some models that you would assume were immensely popular, but are instead fading almost completely into the woodwork. Strap in, things are about to get interesting!

We start with perhaps an obvious one, a Maserati. Often bought by people who enjoy telling people they own a Maserati, the Italian brand has made some truly impressive cars over the years, and with the all-new MC20 currently raising a few eyebrows there is some hope for this historic name. They have however, made some pretty dreadful models, and the Ghibli might be one of their least successful to date. When it was first launched back in 2014, it was recorded that just 201 models were sold, which rose to 434 a year later. Now we understand that a Maserati isn’t exactly cheap, but the market for a stylish and powerful super saloon is most certainly there, with the S Class, A8 and 7 Series all performing well. So let’s bring it to 2021, and have a guess at how many examples of the GranLusso V6 Diesel in Automatic form have been registered this year? 

200? Come on, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, 50? A little warmer. Well, now about, and

wait for this.


And i know what you’re thinking – ‘don’t be stupid that model must have just been released’. It was released in 2019, with the Petrol version selling just 10 examples when it was first launched.

It might be a little harsh to pick on the big expensive cars, so let’s go a bit more budget for this next one. The Mazda MX-5, stylish, quirky, steeped in a rich history of being one of the finest handling sports cars ever made, and sold in their millions worldwide. So what exactly did Abarth do to ruin that? The cars share much of the same components, but the Abarth isn’t anywhere near as acclaimed as its Japanese rival. Just 1,000 124 Spiders have been registered in 2021, but the alarming figure here is from a model we didn’t actually know you could buy. It’s called the 124 GT, and is essentially the same car with a smart looking hardtop fitted. Perhaps due to a lack of customer uptake or simply a lack of marketing, there have been just 18 examples registered for the last three years, spooky. 

Next let’s catch some rays, and head to everybody’s favourite supercar company, Ferrari. The cars keep getting faster, the technology keeps getting cleverer and the price tags keep increasing, but that doesn’t stop lifelong fans of the prancing horse from getting those orders in. Cars like the 488 and most recently the SF90 and F8 Tributo have performed very well for the brand, but there are some models that didn’t perform quite so well. The GT4Lusso, a four seated, mile munching four wheeled drive supercar that could be used in any weather. 

The V12 variant performed well since its birth in 2017, averaging over 200 examples registered, but it’s slightly less exciting V8 brother is where the trouble starts. Just 94 models have been registered in 2021, meaning the end will be near for this unusual model. To give that figure some perspective, the newly released Roma has already seen over 120 registrations in 2021 alone!



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