6 Questions to ask your AdFeeder Account Manager



Effective communication with your account manager is crucial. However, determining what questions to ask can sometimes be a daunting task. We will discuss six fundamental questions that you can ask your account manager. These questions will help provide valuable insights and optimise your marketing strategies.

Maximizing Budget

Consider asking your account manager for guidance on optimising your budget. You can explore strategies such as audience research, data analytics and experimenting with new campaigns to ensure your resources are all allocated effectively. By adopting these approaches, you can achieve your desired outcomes.

Popular Days of the Week

Inquire about the days with the highest engagement or website traffic. This information can help schedule campaigns and promotions more strategically to target the audience when they are most active. Understanding peak days can also help optimise the overall marketing strategy for better results.

Top Makes and Models Clicked On

Examining the click-through rates of various automotive makes and models can provide valuable insight into the preferences of your target audience. This data can be used to optimise your inventory management, advertising content, and product promotions, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts. By leveraging these insights, you can enhance the efficacy of your marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

Top Competitors Based on Google Insights

Gain insights into your top competitors by asking your account manager to analyse data from Google Insights. Understanding your competitors’ online presence, search visibility, and market share can help you identify opportunities and refine your marketing strategy.

Focus on Clicks, Leads, or Cost per Click

Clarify your business goals and discuss which metrics are most important to achieve them. Whether it is maximising clicks, generating leads, or optimising cost per click, ensure your account manager understands your priorities and focuses efforts accordingly.

Actionable Insights for Improvement

Ask your account manager for actionable recommendations based on the insights discussed. Whether it’s adjusting ad content, refining targeting strategies, or reallocating budget, proactive steps can help you continuously improve your marketing performance.


Effective communication with your account manager is essential for maximising the success of your marketing efforts. By asking these six questions, you can gain valuable insights, optimise your strategies, and drive better results for your business.

Tabitha Roberts6 Questions to ask your AdFeeder Account Manager