Web Wednesdays – November Week Two

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Lotus’ first ever SUV edges closer


The first image of the very eagerly awaited Lotus SUV has been teased, meaning it is actually happening now. The image, which shows essentially enough in terms of what it’ll look like, but the Type 132 is set to rival luxury SUVs such as the Aston Martin DBX, Bentley Bentayga and top-spec Range Rovers.

As the global shortage of semiconductors continues to ravage the automotive industry, BMW has started selling cars without touchscreens to maintain output. It’s been rumoured via some owners forums that BMW showrooms in some parts of the US are offering customers credit back to be used on other optional extras instead of having a touchscreen display, something that relies almost entirely on the hard-to-aquire semiconductors.






Celebrating the terrible names of the motoring world

Anyway, let’s get right into it – we’re talking car names. They can make or break the popularity of the model, and either go down in history as being infinitely cool or comically bad. Let’s start with the good, the Jensen Interceptor has a fantastic name, even if it wasn’t exactly setting the sales market alight when it was released back in 1966. 

Some brands nailed their assignments, creating names that perfectly matched the car’s ethos – think cars like the Dodge Demon, Lamborghini Diablo or the Mercedes AMG Hammer – because it was just that, an absolute weapon on the road. Well done to all of the guys and girls who got these names spot on, but what about the ones that didn’t quite go down so well? Many of the bad ones are often due to translation issues, and were naturally either changed to something more appropriate or not sold at all. Let’s begin with a good one – the Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard. No seriously, that’s what they called it. Thankfully, this soft-top rugged SUV was later called the Frontera in other countries! 

Mitsubishi seem to get singled out as being one of the worst offenders for truly awful names, including the Pistachio, Minica Winky, the Minica Lettuce and our favourite – the Mitsubishi Mini Active Urban Sandal, and boy is it a looker!

But perhaps the strangest of all comes from the usually ever-serious and sophisticated Audi. Well known for their short and snappy model names like the A1 or Q5, Audi had to take a different route when it came to naming their first all electric model range. They wanted something sleek, forward thinking and certain to make a mark on the EV world. They did just that with the E-Tron – but not in France. The word etron, actually means something far stinkier, as it actually means excrement, or a slang word like turd! Unfortunately, Audi may have inadvertently named its entire lineup of EVs after a bodily function that’s rarely associated with spectacular vehicles. That is, unless the automaker intended that we translate e-Tron as, “the Audi that’s as fast as, well, you know.”

Let us know in the comments, is there a car name that makes you cringe every time you hear it?

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Elliot NewtonWeb Wednesdays – November Week Two