Web Wednesdays – November Week Three

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We are now deep into November, and heading straight towards the festivities! Who’s excited? We certainly are!


Say hello to Apple’s Business Essentials


We’ll start off this episode of Web Wednesday with some fresh news from Apple, where they unveiled another beta program, but instead of offering early previews of software for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it’s a new initiative called Business Essentials. 

So what exactly is it? It’s a subscription package aimed at small businesses with three different plans – Starting at just $2.99 per device per month, they can cover employees across a single device, or more than one device, or a more expensive plan that covers multiple devices and adds more cloud storage. 

An AppleCare+ package will be available when it launches fully in spring 2022, adding 24/7 phone support, access to training, and on-site repairs from Apple-trained technicians.

Like many other device manage platforms, it streamlines the onboarding process with preinstalled apps, as well as management of security settings like FileVault for disk encryption and Activation Lock to secure devices if they’re lost or stolen. There’s also a new Business Essentials app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS that puts all of the various settings in one place.

With small businesses being established faster than ever before, and more people working remotely now, the Business Essentials suite makes light work of some of the more challenging elements of setting up an IT department.

McLaren hasn’t been sold to Audi, honestly


Next we go to McLaren, who have promptly shut down claims that the company has been bought by Audi in order for them to gain an enty into Formula One. 

In a statement, the brand said the story was “wholly inaccurate”, adding: “McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other carmakers, however, there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.” 

From an F1 point of view, the deal would have ensured the Volkswagen Group, which owns Audi, had direct access to an entry into grand prix racing. Volkswagen has been involved in discussions over the specification of a new F1 powertrain due for introduction mid-decade and has been openly considering a commitment to the pinnacle of motorsport.

We feel this might not be the end of this story!






Triumph are releasing a very special Thruxton

We’re swapping four wheels for two for this one, and whilst my remit is very much around cars, i’ll do my best to talk about motorbikes for this one!

This weekend just passed was a pretty poignant one for fans, with the legendary Valentino Rossi calling it a day on his MotoGP career. The stats surrounding his career are simply jaw dropping, nine world championships, 89 wins and 199 podiums out of 372 starts. For perspective, Rossi has competed in 44% of MotoGP races since 1949!

We wish Valentino all the best for the future, the grid is going to be very quiet without you!

From one legendary rider to another, and this one is a personal one for us here at AdFeeder. Triumph has a rich history in creating motorcycles for dirt, the open road and the race track. Malcolm Uphill, born in April 1935 in Caerphilly was one of those guys who was born to ride a motorcycle quickly. In 1965, Uphill achieved a double win in the 350 cc ‘Junior’ and 500 cc ‘Senior’ races at the Manx Grand Prix and later competed at the highest level in the world championship where he finished ninth overall.

But Malcolm Uphill became a Welsh hero in 1969, where he rode to victory in the 750 Production class on a Triumph Bonneville with a 100 mph average speed lap, which prompted renaming of the Dunlop K81 motorcycle tyre as the TT100. It was the first time anyone had ever averaged such a high speed at the Isle of Man TT. 

To mark such an important man and important bike in history, as well as the legendary ‘Ton Up’ boys of the 1950s and 60s – the original café racers, Triumph have launched a rather special bike. The new Thruxton RS Ton Up Edition celebrates the passion and iconic style of the record-breaking Thruxton with a unique design scheme that is available for one year only. 

The original Thruxton played a major part in the birth of motorcycle motorsport, as far back as the late 1950’s when the racing Bonneville first took victory at the legendary Thruxton 500 race series, from which it took its name, courtesy of British racing legend, Mike Hailwood. And from then onwards, the Thruxton was a dominating force – race winner and record breaker – with years of success spanning the 1960s.

Our CEO holds Malcolm Uphill and the Triumph brand close to his heart, where his late father grew up in the same school as Malcolm and ever since Dave started bikes he’s been affiliated to triumphs ever since! 

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