Web Wednesdays – January Week Four

Welcome to AdFeeder’s web Wednesdays, your weekly dose of the latest news and stories that have caught our eye. From technology news to the latest vehicle releases and everything in between, we aim to bring you a quick run down of what you need to know each week.

This week, we look at the future of supercars, Instagram’s newest feature and two brands that are going back to the future!


Lamborghini are going silent


So Lamborghini, known for screaming V12s, ridiculous styling, italian quirks and possibly the most ‘look at me cars’ ever created. The engines are usually their crown jewel, naturally aspirated, high revving monsters that work well when mated to the crazy body styles. 

But, this is all about to change. Their first electric car will be an all-new four-seat crossover, launching in 2028, followed by the all-electric second-generation Urus SUV. After record deliveries in 2021, Lambo’s CEOs have confirmed they have almost sold out its entire production run of their current combustion engined cars, and are working hard to develop their hybrid models. 

In the meantime, it seems the brand is creating some unexpected specials to fill in the gaps – including a rally spec Huracan.


Say hello to Instagtam Subscriptions


Next let’s get to the gram, and another spanking new feature that’s coming our way very soon. We’ve seen Twitter do it, TikTok has a slightly different version, but now Instagram is preparing to launch a Subscription model to the app. The aim is for creators to earn a set monthly income from returning customers, who will receive exclusive access to subscriber only Lives, Stories and a special badge showing you’re a subscriber.

The idea, although not groundbreaking, is a fantastic move by Instagram, and one that some users will certainly latch onto. 

Creators can develop deeper connections with their most engaged followers and grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits, all within the same platform where they interact with them already.

Say hello to the new (old) EVs!


Finally, let’s go back to the future. Not literally – but VW and MINI are taking their most iconic models and making them fully electric. VW are set to release the highly anticipated ID.Buzz very soon, an ultra modern spin on their iconic splitscreen campervan from the 50s. Mini have taken a slightly different approach, and are releasing fully electric versions of their original Minis. 

For an undisclosed fee, the Cowley factory – which is where the current BMW-Mini is built – will replace the original car’s four-cylinder A-series engine with a powertrain of a 121bhp electric motor and battery. As a result it will accelerate to 62mph in 9 seconds, have a range of 99 miles and produces zero tailpipe emissions. Sacrilege? Maybe. But thankfully everything that has converted can be reverted back to combustion, should you ever wish to do so!




Elliot NewtonWeb Wednesdays – January Week Four