Web Wednesdays – February Week Two

Welcome to AdFeeder’s web Wednesdays, your weekly dose of the latest news and stories that have caught our eye. From technology news to the latest vehicle releases and everything in between, we aim to bring you a quick run down of what you need to know each week.

New cars, new tech, records broken – it’s all going on in this week’s Web Wednesdays! If you fancy a more visual version of this article, why not watch Elliot talk you through this week’s news here!

Weetabix team up with… Heinz Beans?

Don’t worry, we are just as confused by this as you probably are. Yesterday the iconic breakfast cereal tweeted this alarming photo, sparking a frenzy on the social media platform. This isn’t exactly anything new, Innocent smoothies are a fantastic example of a brand who encourages reactions from its followers, but the response that followed this tweet was unlike any other.

We urge you to check out the full thread here, where some of the biggest brands in the U.K join together to roast Weetabix, from the actual NHS to WhatCar?, everyone took their shot. We were amazed at just how quickly this tweet spiralled, with over 54,000 replies in under 24 hours. The question is, who’s going to try it? Not us!

Say hello to officially the fastest production car ever

Surrounded by controversy over its last record attempt, US car maker SSC have finally secured the title of ‘fastest production car’.

The Tuatara, named after the reptile, found only in New Zealand, known for having the fastest evolution of any living animal, which is somehow related to this 1,350 horsepower monster,  maxed out at a staggering 282.9 mph, beating the Koenigsegg’s existing record. What’s even more impressive is who was behind the wheel, Dr Larry Caplin, a healthcare professional and owner of the record breaking car.


Bring the excitement of driving on holiday to your home

Now i think it’s fair to say that EVERYONE is craving a holiday right now. There’s no better feeling than getting off a plane and feeling that warm air hit your face, then diving into a taxi to head to your accommodation.

Well, now you can experience that taxi journey along with all its sights and sounds from your office chair, with this awesome website. It includes over 50 different countries, with real time videos navigating through the busy streets and coastal roads. Whilst none us can go anywhere right now, we can certainly pretend right?

Is this the best looking EV ever made?

Audi placed Tesla and Porsche firmly in their sights with the reveal of the E-Tron GT this week, a four-door super saloon with dramatic styling and the power to back it up.

Two powerful electric motors and Audi’s signature Quattro system are set to give it incredible road performance. The numbers worth noting are a quoted range of  up to 302.6 mi on their top of the line models, with a 0-60 time of just 3.9 seconds.

The E-tron GT actually sits on the same platform as the Taycan, but it’s styling is in our opinion far better than that of the Porsche, almost leaving it to look a little out of date already.

We’re very excited to see where this leads Audi and its rivals!



Google launch its News platform in the U.K

And finally, after its trial run in Australia, Google has officially launched its News platform in the U.K today. Built as a personalised way to consume news that is relevant to both your interests and local area, Google News streamlines the way we see content published. 

It’s likely there will be opportunities for advertisers to capitalise on this too, and according to Google more than 450 global publications are now available within Google News Showcase including those from Australia, Germany, France, Japan with more countries being added daily.

Elliot NewtonWeb Wednesdays – February Week Two