Web Wednesdays – December Week Three

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Lotus waves goodbye to the ‘three Es’


It’s the end of an era for Lotus Cars, who have announced they have finished production of the Evora, Elise and Exige models after 51,738 cars. What’s impressive about that figure is it actually amounts to nearly half of the firm’s total production over its 73-year history. 

The final version of each car to be finished will be kept in Lotus’ heritage collection, where the brand now looks ahead to future models in their lineup. The new Emira will go into production in spring 2022. It will be the final pure combustion-engine Lotus, and the first new series production machine since the firm was bought by Geely, and along with the Evija hypercar will mark a new era of future models.

Instagram releases the 2022 Trend Report


Instagram released an insightful 2022 Trend Report to help brands and marketers understand emerging shifts and rising movements across various areas like food, wellness, memes, fashion, and beauty.

“In order to create this report*, we tapped into the minds of Gen-Z to learn more about the rising Instagram trends across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, social justice, and so much more. From redefining how they approach education and the idea of a “career,” to maximalist fashion statements, these future-focused audiences are consistently creating the reality they want to live in.”

~ Instagram

New 2023 Bentley uses W12 and previews first EV

Bentley is well under way with development of the second bespoke model from its Mulliner coachbuilding division, both as a way of celebrating the luxury car maker’s venerable W12 engine and previewing the design of its first pure-electric models.

The Volkswagen Group’s 6.0-litre W12 engine – the only mass-produced powerplant of this format – turned 20 years old this year, having served in a range of flagship Audi, Volkswagen and, most prominently, Bentley models.

As shown in Autocar’s exclusive renderings, the second Mulliner model will be marked out from its series-production range-mates by a radical styling overhaul. This will draw on elements of Bentley’s sustainability-focused EXP 100 GT concept of 2019, but with a number of bespoke cues that are likely to become hallmarks of the brand’s first pureelectric cars.



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