The What, Why and How of Collection Ads for Car Dealers

Now more than ever, consumers are spending large amounts of time browsing social media apps on their mobile phones. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that during the time spent on these apps, consumers are discovering new brands, along with the products and services that they offer. For that reason, it is wise for online advertisers to bridge the gap between discovery and purchasing as seamless as possible – and that’s where Facebook collection ads come in!

What are Facebook collection ads?

Featuring one primary video or image; along with four smaller accompanying images in a grid-like format below, Facebook collection ads offer a way for users to move smoothly from discovery to purchase. Customers who choose to tap your collection ad will be swept away to a fast-loading and aesthetically pleasing full-screen experience, which is powered by Facebook’s instant experience.

Offering users four template options, the automotive industry will most likely find the Instant Storefront option to be the optimum template for showcasing their stock. Features of the Instant Storefront format include a grid product layout designed with easy browsing in-mind and a main video/image with related products, as well as the ability to dynamically organise products from a catalogue into groupings and drive consumers to a website/app.

Why use Facebook collection ads?

The highly visual nature of this particular ad format offers users to discover, browse and even purchase products, all whilst maximising the mobile user experience – and the best part? They don’t even need to leave Facebook! Due to the fact that these ads click through to an instant experience, consumers will stay on social media and this, in-turn, will decrease the likelihood of them bouncing before they have consumed the content.

How do Facebook collection ads work?

With four templates designed with different objectives in mind, Facebook collection ads work alongside instant experiences and are great for online advertisers with a lot of product visuals that work well for reeling prospective customers in – the process looks a little something like this:

Step one: generate customer intent.

Starting by generating that all-important customer intent, these visually appealing in-feed ads have been designed in such a way that they drive discovery and grab the attention of consumers with relevant products and eye-catching media.

Step two: nurture customer intent.

Clicking your collection ad will land that user on a Facebook instant experience, where they will find themselves immersed in a full-screen ad that has been created specifically for driving engagement and nurturing customer intent on mobile.

Step three: harvest customer intent.

Once the customer has absorbed all that your collection ad has to offer, they will be pointed in the direction of your website or mobile app – helping you to translate their intent into valuable actions.

LucyThe What, Why and How of Collection Ads for Car Dealers