News – Audi and Porsche confirm F1 place for 2026

The rumours have been circling for what feels like years, but now, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group has confirmed that Audi and Porsche will be joining the Formula One grid in the near future. 

This is a huge moment for the brands and F1 itself, with both Audi and Porsche bringing a monumental amount of racing prowess and victories to the table. Looking at Porsche first, naturally they’re no stranger to a win or two. They’ve won the 24h of LeMans more than any other brand in history, as well as the 12h of Sebring, oh and the 24h of Daytona too, just a couple amongst many other Championships across dozens of disciplines.

Audi needed no introduction either, dominating the world of rallying in the 80’s with the mighty Quattro. On more solid ground they’re no slouch too, with the R8 LMS claiming 28 championships around the world.

So why F1, and why now? Or in 2026, when the VW CEO claims they’ll be joining. Well, there are a number of reasons – the main one is mainly due to the engine regulations changing for F1 at the start of the 2026 season, giving Porsche / Audi plenty of time to develop a potential car or power unit.

It’s also worth mentioning just how big this move would be from a marketing point of view. Porsche did actually develop F1 engines back in the 80s, and whilst there were some good years, they also had some shockers. That bad press was exactly what Porsche has been nervous about, but like anything, you roll the dice and take a chance on whether the car will be competitive or not. We’d like to think with Audi and Porsche being such innovation driven brands, the opportunity really is there for them to perform, and perform well.

So will it be a Porsche-powered Audi F1 car? Or two completely separate teams? The truth is – no one knows, and it’s likely we won’t know those details for a little while. ​​Porsche has been rumoured to partner with Red Bull Racing, while Audi has previously been linked with McLaren, but both firms have denied any collaboration or purchase.

For now, we have a statement via Autocar, claiming that they have confirmed plans for a potential Formula 1 entry of the two Group brands. The Audi and Porsche brands will provide details at a later date.

2026 isn’t too long to wait, and we have a feeling it’s going to be worth it! Let us know your thoughts, do you think competing in F1 is the right call for Audi and Porsche?

Elliot NewtonNews – Audi and Porsche confirm F1 place for 2026