How to stay up to date with social media news

Keeping up with new changes on the various social media platforms is essential to staying ahead on the world’s biggest platforms. Not only is it important to do so, it can also be hugely beneficial for your marketing department or business, as you can remain one step ahead of your competitors and create engaging content along the way!

Below we’ve outlined a number of handy tools and websites to keep in mind when you want to stay current with your social media platforms. Naturally, when there are big announcements, it’s likely you will hear about them on the news or most website outlets (or even on the social platform itself!), but more often than not, the apps are quietly working away and releasing updates that often fly under the radar. Those small changes can make a huge difference to the way you use the app or what impact it has on your content.


Google Alerts


This handy tool from search giants Google is a fantastic way of finding new content every day. Simply enter a topic you want alerts from and your email address to receive daily updates on what’s going on online.

It’s fantastic for marketers, as you can receive alerts when your name, company, or keywords are mentioned anywhere on the web. This means if you wanted to find very specific alerts based on your market or brand name, you will receive email alerts based on this. Finding the people who are searching for your company enables you to retarget to them and prepare for future engagement from them.




These ones are often overlooked a little, but are hugely important when finding new ideas or content that can be reshared. When social media platforms update their software or bring out an entirely new product, they release press releases, which often include very detailed information about what has been changed, why it has been changed and what impact it will have on the user.

We’ll take TikTok’s brilliant Newsroom as an example, as it is constantly updated with news relating to upcoming developments, trending topics and who to look out for within the app. It is essentially handing you content ideas on a plate, giving you all of the information needed and ensures the story isn’t twisted or exaggerated by other news websites.


Social Media Today


Combine the two handy websites above and you’ve got yourself Social Media Today – a hugely important and simple piece of news that you definitely should sign up to. Simply enter your email to receive daily summaries and articles of what is trending, what’s being launched and what’s being updated, all in simple to read segments of text and images.

We use this one pretty much every day, and it helps us to quickly find engaging headlines that we can then develop into news stories of our own or visually appealing graphics.


Web Wednesday!


Well, we couldn’t talk about finding news stories without including ourselves now could we?! We’ve been working hard to bring you informative and (hopefully) enjoyable short videos that dissect the latest news and events from the week prior. We specialise in the automotive industry and the latest tech news, with short videos that hopefully can help you learn a thing or two along the way!

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Elliot NewtonHow to stay up to date with social media news