Web Wednesdays – March Week One

Welcome to AdFeeder’s web Wednesdays, your weekly dose of the latest news and stories that have caught our eye. From technology news to the latest vehicle releases and everything in between, we aim to bring you a quick run down of what you need to know each week.

As always, we are back with another dose of weekly news from the world of automotive and tech. Be prepared, this one is busy!


Is the new Instagram rival worth downloading?


Say hello to Dispo, an app that’s slowly but surely starting to grab the attention of the social media world. To be totally honest, we’d never heard of it before, but a quick Google search returns that it was the fourth most downloaded app on Apple’s AppStore in February – so what exactly is it?

Remember when Instagram was just a photo sharing app? No videos, no Reels, no ads on Stories, just some artsy photos with questionable filters on them – those were the days! Dispo is a nod back to those simpler times, a back to basics approach to photography and image sharing. Users don’t have the ability to edit within the app, there are no filters, no text, no stickers etc, just a space for users to share images exactly as they are, just like a film camera. Here’s the kicker, unlike almost every other social media app, Dispo doesn’t allow users to post whenever they like – all posts are held and then revealed at 9:00 the next day. The idea is to create memories in that moment, and share them for what they are without the need to edit.

Just like Clubhouse, this app is currently only allowing a limited number of users by invitation only. This is an app we will be keeping a very close eye on!



F1’s most anticipated car is finally here


This week is an extremely busy week for the world of Formula One. Whilst we’ve been covering the new car releases pretty closely, there’s one team that is on the lips of fans and followers – Aston Martin F1. 

Released moments ago is this, their title contender for 2021 known as the AMR21. With Vettel and Stroll behind the wheel, all eyes will be on this fresh faced team to see how they perform. This will see Aston Martin returning to F1 after 61 years, which was abandoned after a string of unsuccessful races in 1960.

The team is essentially a rebranding of the Stroll-founded BWT Racing Point outfit, which was formed from the assets of Force India. It will continue to use Mercedes-AMG power units as part of a long-standing technical agreement with the German manufacturer.


Will the new iMac be available in different colours?


Who doesn’t love a bit of tech gossip? This week we learnt it’s rumoured Apple will be hosting an event to unveil the new iPad Pro and Macbook models on March 16th. Despite this date and the details surrounding it being unconfirmed, many believe the iMac is set to get a complete redesign too.

According to tipster Jon Prosser, the upcoming iMac will come with major design changes, including far smaller bezels and a screen that fills the edges of the frame. Amongst those rumours are claims that the new iPad Pro will be available in a variety of colours which will match the new Macbook and iMac. Based on the iPhone 12, these colours could be Rose Gold, Green or Sky Blue!



Is 2021 the year of the car subscription?


Let’s be real for a second here, if you’re working from home and own or finance a car, how many miles did you travel in 2020? For many, that figure will be significantly less than that of a normal year. Much of the cars on the road today are financed by PCP deals, which allow owners to calculate their annual mileage and finance a car based on this and other areas. 

So let’s say you pay £300 per month for a car and you’ve calculated your annual mileage to be 12,000 miles a year, 2020 is likely to have left you fairly deeply out of pocket as the average mileage during lockdown will be far less than what you’re paying for. To put it bluntly, figures suggest British car owners spent a billion pounds on unnecessary loan and lease payments during lockdown.

 This is where car subscriptions have the upper hand. Toby Kernon, founder and CEO of subscription site Wagonex.com has reported enquiries into the business have soared an incredible 250% percent since September 2020, as frustrated motorists have sought new and more flexible ways of ‘owning’ a new vehicle. 

Car subscriptions work  much the same way as everything from TV streaming and mobile phones, where they help consumers swerve long-term financial commitments and common pitfalls such as drops in residual values.

Customers can browse and order online, handle all insurance and maintenance with the click of a mouse and arrange delivery direct to their own front door.

Best of all, there are no big deposits to make and the ability to choose subscriptions of between one month and 24 months means customers can change their car regularly and always be behind the wheel of the latest model.



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