Web Wednesdays – March Week Four

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As we round off another month of 2021, this Web Wednesdays contains a potential new rival for Tesla, and some more updates on that pesky iOS 14 update!


A date for your diary: April 7th


Facebook is set to hold an online seminar on Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update and the impacts that advertisers are going to face. This isn’t the first time Facebook has helped its users out by giving them a bit more of an understanding of the update, but this new seminar will include talks from product experts explaining how the IDFA update will impact ad targeting, optimisation and performance reporting by reducing the amount of information that Facebook will be able to track.

Among the various expected impacts of the IDFA update for Facebook ads will be:

  • Reduced capacity to track user actions, including conversions, which will subsequently impact targeting and retargeting campaigns.
  • Reduced data reporting, particularly related to attribution and measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Facebook has already flagged the removal of its 28-day attribution data, which will result in fewer reported conversions for your campaigns. 
  • Reduced effectiveness for Audience Network campaigns which rely on in-app tracking to present relevant ads to users.

For anyone interested in this subject, or if you think your business might be affected by these changes mentioned above, we urge you to sign up and attend this free seminar! Find out more and sign up here.



The new Volkswagen Golf R is here


The world’s automotive press has finally got their hands on the all-new Golf R from Volkswagen. Now in its eighth generation, the Golf is and has been for decades one of the best selling cars in the world. The 2021 Golf R promises to be more refined and more powerful than ever before, its turbocharged engine now produces 316 horsepower, mated with an intelligent 4×4 system its likely to be a riot to drive.

A Golf has always been intended for the ‘everyday enthusiast’, someone who wants a car that is respected, comfortable, enjoyable and also reliable. The latest model does do all of that plus much more. The R starts from an eye-watering £39,270.00, a whole £6,000 over the equally as good GTI variant.

It got us thinking about what near enough £40,000 could buy you if you were in the market for something that’s usable but also a monster when needed. That figure could buy you a barely used C63 AMG or RS6, event with some change afterwards. If you’re looking for instant smiles, £40,000 is enough for a well spec’d Porsche Boxster or even a Nissan GT-R!


Should your business be on Clubhouse?


We’ve spoken many times about Clubhouse and its meteoric rise to fame, now with over 2,000,000 active users each week – but many haven’t really touched on how businesses can use this new platform to their benefit. 

Clubhouse currently works by an invite-only system, making it hot property to get your hands on an elusive invite. Once you’re in however, the possibilities are endless – listen in on conversations with names such as Lindsey Lohan and Elon Musk. But let’s bring it back down to earth for a second and start small. Businesses with a following on other social media platforms can spread the world about upcoming chats on Clubhouse. The app sends notifications to users each time you start a chat, inviting more people to join the conversation and increase your followers.

What’s appealing to many about Clubhouse is the ability to interact on such a personal level with people or customers around the world. It’s almost like having your own focus group that is available every day, allowing you to present ideas or updates to your loyal followers or customers. Ideas can come from anyone, at any time and from anywhere, making Clubhouse an incredibly important asset to use particularly when in the development or research phase.

Right now, it’s too early to predict what the future holds for Clubhouse, or indeed, audio social more broadly, but it is interesting to consider the implications, and where the app might be of value as a marketing and brand communication channel.



Chinese automaker Geely launches luxury EV brand Zeekr


You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of the name Geely. Here in the U.K it’s not a brand that we have, but in China it’s another story. Geely are the country’s largest private auto maker and now have their sights firmly on bringing the fight to the likes of Tesla and Audi, creating a new luxury sub-brand called Zeekr.

The new brand will develop a range of vehicles using Geely’s new electric SEA platform, which will also be used for future models from sister firms Volvo and Polestar, along with a new model from Smart. Deliveries of the first Zeekr vehicles are due to begin in China later this year.

As part of Geely’s growth plan, their intentions are to expand into the international market as soon as possible, which is certain to raise the eyebrows of the big brands. The Geely brand sold 1.3 million cars in China in 2020, making it the best-selling brand in the world’s biggest new-car market for the fourth consecutive year. It also sold nearly 73,000 cars elsewhere, a year-on-year increase of around 25%.

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