Web Wednesdays – February Week Two

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We are into the second week of February already, and we are on the cusp of potentially the biggest week of updates from the world of motorsport, as all Formula One teams have now confirmed their 2022 livery release dates. But before we get all excited about that, let’s take a look at some other news from this week.


Triumph enter the electric motorcycle party


Interestingly, the popularity around electric motorcycles hasn’t quite rocketed as much as the car market, with only a handful of companies taking the plunge to release a fully electric bike. Harley-Davidson introduced the Livewire back in 2019, showing the world even a brand as traditional and iconic as these can produce something potentially game changing. 

Now, Triumph is looking ahead to the future with electric power. The ‘TE-1’ appears to borrow quite liberally from the Triumph Street Triple, but in place of that bike’s inline-three and fuel tank is a motor and inverter from Integral Powertrain, powered by a battery pack from none other than Williams Advanced Engineering. (You know, the ones who help make the F1 car.)

Before you start emptying the piggy banks, we’ll start by saying this isn’t actually a production motorcycle, it’s more of a concept showcasing just what could be produced in the not so distant future. 

The TE-1 has a range of up to 120 miles and a power output of 174bhp. According to Integral’s CTO Andrew Cross, the package could potentially be wound up a whole lot further.


Raikkonen is now the Christian Horner of Motocross


This one caught our attention, mainly down to the meme potential from the headline alone. Everybody’s favourite elder of the F1 grid announced he was leaving Formula One earlier in the year, and rather than taking some time on a yacht in Monaco to relax and unwind, he’s now been appointed Team Principal for the works Kawasaki Racing Team in MXGP.

Raikkonen has made no secret of his love of motocross, having previously been involved with his own Ice One Racing team – while the Finn has previously posted videos on social media showing him using motocross to train for the demands of F1.

But now 2007 champion Raikkonen – who retired from Formula 1 at the end of 2021 with a record 349 starts to his name – will take over the running of the factory Kawasaki Racing Team in MXGP, the highest level of motocross racing.

Are Facebook users starting to dwindle?


With the meteoric rise of TikTok, the steady increase of daily users on YouTube, and Instagram maintaining a podium spot, it seems the engine is starting to splutter for Facebook. 

Meta has posted its Q4 2021 and full-year performance result, which despite showing a rise in monthly active users, was far slower than previous quarters. The app grew by just 2 million monthly actives from Q3, the slowest quarter-on-quarter growth rate in its entire history. 

But that’s not even the whole story – the bigger concern for Meta is in daily actives, where Facebook actually declined for the first time ever. It grew in some locations, but overall Facebook lost one million users – ouch. 

It seems all eyes will be on the Q1 figures of 2022 to see whether this is the start of the downfall for Facebook. 




Elliot NewtonWeb Wednesdays – February Week Two