Web Wednesdays – December Week Three

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This week’s edition has all the emotions! From Google looking back over this year, to a brand rich in racing heritage set to make a comeback, we can’t wait to find out next week’s news!

Ready? Let’s go!

Burger King helps out small businesses

For anyone who’s followed Burger King’s marketing strategy over the years, you’ll know they like to make a statement. This week saw them share this wonderful piece of content, where their Instagram feed will now promote independent businesses and the amazing food they produce!

We urge you to check out their Instagram page here!

Bentley to build Audi based saloon EV from 2025

Bentley’s first EV, scheduled for launch in 2025, is likely to be assembled and finished at its Crewe headquarters. It’s rumoured it will be built on one of Audi’s existing saloon platforms. 

“We started building in Crewe in 1936 and we’ve invested hundreds of millions in infrastructure and certification for electrification, so we have the capability to do it,” said Adrian Hallmark, CEO. “But the important thing to note is that we still have to be competitive, and fight to ensure the maximum possible content for our cars is made in Crewe. We are part of a Group so we must prove we are the best option, but from a brand point of view it is our mission to ensure everything can be built here.”

Google releases its 2020 wrap-up video

And boy is it a good one. It’s difficult not to get a little goosebumpy after watching this incredible short video from Google. According to the mighty search engine, this year the world searched “why” more than ever before. This film features the questions the world asked with words and narration by Kofi Lost.

The search giant also released its list of the most searched-for topics in various categories. While Covid-19 dominated, the contentious US election also took a lot of the search traffic. As the world adapted to new ways of living, searches for ‘How to make a face mask’ and ‘How to make hand sanitiser’ came out on top of the ‘How to…?’ list.

We urge you to take 3 minutes out and watch it here!

Porsche to race in Le Mans in 2023

Christmas has come early for motorsport fans, with Porsche announcing their return to the top tier of endurance racing, and these very early sketches signal an incoming lightweight, hybrid racer with just under 700 horsepower.

The new category allows Porsche “to fight for overall victories with a hybrid system at the Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring classics without breaking the bank”.

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Elliot NewtonWeb Wednesdays – December Week Three