If you’re not creating video content with your stock vehicles – you should be!

It’s something that most people have become accustomed to, and almost expect whenever they head onto a landing page for a vehicle they want to know more about – We’re talking about videos.


Simple, easy to follow walk-around videos have become a crucial part of the sales journey, as it shows the car in its truest form, where well edited or positioned photographs can sometimes hide blemishes in the paintwork or damage.

Whilst of course you can edit videos, it’s far harder to do without it looking alarmingly obvious, therefore buyers tend to trust videos over photographs.

Recording car dealership videos and more specifically, car walk-arounds, does not take much time or effort. The process doesn’t require fancy camera equipment, a fully lit studio nor a team of professionals behind the scenes – in fact the device you might be reading this very article on now would be perfect. (Assuming it’s a smartphone, don’t try and film it with your laptop / desktop!)


We’ve outlined some simple tricks to ensure videos show off your stock in the best possible way.


  1. Show a full side or front view of the vehicle to show the customer exactly what vehicle you’re recording. 
  2. Walk around the exterior of the vehicle showcasing important features, such as the alloy wheels, optional extras and lights. 
  3. Be transparent and reveal any small scratches or dents so there are no surprises if the customer comes in to see it. 
  4. Move to the interior and highlight any features the customer was asking about, such as the stereo system or seat material and color. 
  5. Invite them to the store to see the car in person!

A lot of this might sound super obvious to some, but these key elements can often be missed out or overlooked. It’s also super important to remember why you’re making these videos – as ultimately you’re allowing the customer to see the vehicle before making the decision to come and view it in person.


The more transparent and real you are in the video, the more comfortable and genuine the customer is likely to be. 

Likewise, don’t limit yourself to car walkarounds. There are so many types of car dealership videos that help get more prospects into your showroom and could leave with a new car. 

Some additional ideas for car dealership videos could be:

  • General walkaround videos showcasing stock
  • Customer handovers
  • Featured Cars or fresh stock arrivals
  • Cars being prepped for sale
  • Showcase the sales process
  • A Day in the life

All of these ideas ultimately build trust for your business, as the more real you can come across to potential customers, the more likely they are to visit and purchase from you!

Elliot NewtonIf you’re not creating video content with your stock vehicles – you should be!