The Most Memorable Car Ads – Lucy’s Choice

Lucy Pai, AdFeeder Brand & Product Manager

In charge of all things Marketing at AdFeeder and Blanco Digital, Lucy holds experience in social media and digital marketing. An avid follower of all the latest trends in this ever-changing industry, Lucy is the gel that moulds our wonderful team together!

When it comes to choosing a car, my first and most important question is “does it look nice?” So when I saw the Fiat 500 TV advertisements, I thought they were a stroke of genius.

Having previously owned a Fiat 500, I can honestly say that the colour and the interior were what I based my search on. In fact, I’m not even ashamed to say that I only ever looked at certain colours that I felt “suited” me – much like clothes shopping!

I know I wasn’t the only person who cared about the car’s looks over its mechanical components and performance and for that reason, I think that the idea to advertise the Fiat 500 like a fashion accessory is pretty damn genius. Fiat knows exactly who their customer for the 500 model is and it shows; these tongue-in-cheek adverts don’t bombard customers with automotive jargon but instead focus on the aesthetics.

“We’re launching this campaign because we wanted to evolve the 500 from being the ultimate fashion accessory into something new and different from the category. This campaign brings to life the individuality of the car, which we believe will resonate with the audience.” – Kate Barrett, Fiat Brand Communications Manager

The “Lose The Labels” advert is a shining example of Fiat’s fashion accessory approach and is packed full of personality right from the start of the advert. Whether it’s the use of bold graphic design that’s reminiscent of an editorial ad to the way that the car is never actually seen being driven on a road, it’s instantly recognisable and in my opinion, stands out against other car adverts.

As a customer who isn’t interested in the technicalities of a car, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see an advert that feels like it’s been made with my car buying mentality in mind. Each time I catch the Fiat 500 adverts on TV they pull at my heartstrings, making me immediately want one again – and for me, that is exactly what a car advert should do!

LucyThe Most Memorable Car Ads – Lucy’s Choice