The Most Memorable Car Ads – Beth’s Choice

There’s been a lot of standout performances in car advertisements that I can remember over the past 20 or so years.

When someone asks what is your favourite of the many ads, the one that always comes to mind and literally makes my heart melt every time I see it, is the Volkswagen ‘The Force’ ad. The Super Bowl commercial, showcasing the Passat back in 2011, is just so fun and highly endearing.

VW’s commercial, has attracted 5,279, 772 online shares across social media.

The Force’s mini Darth Vader is truly adorable. Their mission to use ‘the force’ to move inanimate objects in their home, and ultimately failing every time is something I can definitely relate to as a kid. (After watching Matilda I desperately tried to move things with my 6-year-old mind!)

The soundtrack is unmistakable, great for brand retention – as soon as the ad comes on, you know it’s either going to be set in a galaxy far away or Volkswagen driving onto your screen!

What makes it so powerful is that it allows the viewer to be transported back into a time of technical wonder. Cars are incredible feats of ingenuity, that we have sometimes overlooked due to their everyday nature. This ad brings back a bit of magic to the conventional, releasing our inner child.

The success was unprecedented – receiving over 12 million views in the 4 days before the Super Bowl aired. At the time it was uncommon for brands to release their ads before their Super Bowl slot. After paying $3m, the advertisers wanted to get as much bang for the buck as possible. Appearing the Wednesday before the big game, the ad was released to YouTube and before it had even aired at the Super Bowl, had already made its money back.

It completely revolutionised the way advertisers planned their big game slots. Now Super Bowl ads are part of a wider marketing strategy, opposed to premiering on the night.

If like me you loved the ad, you have got to check out the other marketing creations by brainchild Deustch (Donny Deutsch Advertising Inc.) Their ads are advertising masterpieces, I highly recommend the Reebok campaign ft Conor McGregor which brings himself and toys to life in a colourful stop motion animation if you haven’t seen it already!

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