AdFeeder’s Showroom Showcase – Duke of London

The bleak waiting rooms, the over-enthusiastic reception staff, the uninspiring magazines thrown onto a tired-looking coffee table – despite the excitement of buying a new car, many showrooms fall short at providing that ‘wow’ factor you would expect. Despite this, there are a handful of car dealers that are going completely against the grain when it comes to selling cars, making the whole journey enjoyable and importantly – exciting! In this series of articles, we’ll take a look into the stories behind the showroom and examine what makes them so unique.

We start with arguably the coolest and definitely the bluest. Founder and owner Merlin McCormack’s ideas have been firmly acres outside of the box since Duke of London started in 2014, and a fresh 51,000 sq ft space in the heart of London to play with, Merlin has well and truly gone all out with his ideas. 

Despite housing a frankly mouth-watering selection of cars, from classic Mercs to race-ready Minis, the Brentford space is home to some incredible local businesses. On site and surrounded by a plethora of classic cars is a pizzeria, a gym and even a pub owned by Merlin’s mother, making it a truly unique experience, and not one you’re going to forget anytime soon. We commend Merlin for his ability to go completely against the grain, removing all traces of formality to car buying, and instead replacing it with his overwhelming passion for what he does.


So why is the whole street blue? The bluewash is a temporary artistic intervention, designed purely to brighten up the building site. Eventually (and arguably disappointingly), the site will become the ‘Brentford Waterside’ development, providing around 876 new homes over 11 acres. Until that happens, the Brentford Project is a celebration of the underdogs, the small businesses that give anyone who enters an experience they will never forget. Whether it’s eating a delicious pizza at Santa Marias surrounded by Ferraris, or grabbing a quick pint in the Brewery Tap, this place seriously has it all and has adapted incredibly well considering what 2020 has thrown at it. It’s worth noting too of its geographical location, just 8 miles from Buckingham Palace, which although means plenty of tourists, also means an eye-watering cost of living and operating. 

To summarise, if you are in the market for a classic or unusual car, Merlin’s the man. If you’re lucky enough to own a classic or unusual car, be sure to check out one of Duke of London’s many events. From ‘Classics and Cake’ mornings to effortlessly cool drive-in cinema nights,  whatever you’re into, whatever you drive, this place has it covered. 

Elliot NewtonAdFeeder’s Showroom Showcase – Duke of London