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What is an AIA campaign?

AIA is an acronym for Auto Inventory Ads which is Microsofts’ automotive-specific campaign type.

Automotive Ads are feed-based product ads where you can upload all the attributes of your car inventory (make, model, year, trim, image, URLs, etc.) and showcase them on the Microsoft SERP right rail/mainline and the Bing image results page, as well as on native placements on the Microsoft Audience Network.

More volume: Reach new car shoppers who are closer to making a purchase and are in the comparison and transaction stages of the consumer decision journey.
Richer experience: Showcase your vehicle photos, prices and more to help increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and qualified leads.

Save time with automation: Use feeds with keyword-less campaigns to generate your ads faster and easily keep those ads accurate as invenory and prices change. No need to tie your feed to Bing Places.


Product view of Automotive ads on the right rail of the search engine results page of Microsoft Bing.







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