Sell More Cars For Less Marketing Spend

The stock-based marketing platform designed for the auto industry

Intelligent digital marketing for car dealers

AdFeeder is an innovative digital marketing platform that currently powers over 750 car dealer locations across the UK, pushing over 1.2 million ads into Google, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, and Instagram each day.

AdFeeder now offers versions for used cars, new cars and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles and leased vehicles.

Because AdFeeder is an automated feed based solution it’s exceptionally efficient and scaleable resulting in outstanding performance for our clients driving quality traffic from as little as 6p per click!

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AdFeeder is a powerful, complex solution to the problems car dealers face when selling through online channels such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Instagram. By far the best way to show you how AdFeeder can help you is through an online demo. Choose from a quick, 30 minute overview or a full 60 minute walkthrough

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