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If you’re going to sell cars, you may as well make sure you sell the very best money can buy right? That’s exactly what Max Girardo of Girardo & Co does; he and his expert team find cars so unique and exclusive that most have only ever heard rumours that such a car exists. Just to give you an idea of what we mean by exclusive, here’s some vehicles that the London based showroom has sold over the years: Colin McRae’s actual ‘98 Subaru WRX rally car, Michael Schumacher’s actual 2000 Ferrari F1 car that won the German GP and a plethora of race and rally winners.

It’s clear then that the Girardo team certainly know how to find the cars. What makes this showroom so unique too is their ability to showcase these vehicles through social media channels and digital marketing. Their most recent short film involves the three generations of the McRae family, who all compete to beat a lap time in Colin’s Impreza WRC car, it’s a truly entertaining and emotional piece of film as anyone who’s even remotely into motorsports would know just how special that car was to the rally legend. This creativity and the ability to showcase the vehicles the way they were originally intended has given Girardo & Co a real presence in the online world, and has no doubt lead to some interesting conversations along the way.


Girardo & Co simply understand the market, they understand trends and are incredibly quick to adapt to them, all whilst showing composure and professionalism with buckets of creativity in everything they do. Although catering for a very niche market at times, the showroom and team present themselves as entirely welcoming and friendly, eager to share their knowledge and passion rather than keep it to themselves. The showroom itself is worth talking about too, located at the end of a quiet south west London street, it prides itself on being discrete and relaxed – letting the cars do the talking. There’s no need for fancy receptions or ‘breakout’ rooms, it’s a welcoming and calm space that is naturally filled with the finest of Italian coffee.

We applaud Girardo & Co for keeping things simple, something that many get wrong in this industry. Having the ability to consign some of motorsport’s elite must be a wonderful feeling, but to then present it to the world in a passionate and creative way must be even better. Their love for cars shows, and they’re exceptionally proud to do what they do, and we like that!

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Elliot NewtonAdFeeder’s Showroom Showcase – Girardo & Co