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How AdFeeder Lite helps you sell more cars

We understand that for many smaller, independent dealerships, the subscription cost can be challenging, that’s why we developed AdFeeder Lite. We use your stock feed (updated daily) to tell Google’s Artificial Intelligence what vehicles you have to offer. This, coupled with compelling ad copy, striking visual imagery and even video combine to make highly optimised Google ads “performance Max” campaigns. These campaigns show your ads on platforms such as Google and YouTube to people who are looking for vehicles you have in stock.

Because AdFeeder is so effective your cost per click is massively reduced

Don’t take our word for it

This recent AdFeeder Lite client saw 2,779 clicks from people looking to buy at only 16p per click. In an industry where £2 a click is the Google Average we saved this client £5,110 in 30 days alone.

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Some recent case studies shown how AdFeeder saves you money

  • 9,645 qualified clicks at just 16p a click

    Used Car Dealership
  • 247,437 qualified clicks at just 25p a click

    Used Car Supermarket
  • 1,481 clicks at just 23p a click

    New & Used Franchise Dealer
  • 9,673 qualified clicks at just 20p per click

    Used Commercial Vehicles
  • 3,055 qualified clicks at just 17p per click

    Used Car Supermarket
  • 9,968 qualified clicks at just 17p per click

    Used Car Dealer
  • 2,000 qualified clicks at just 13p per click

    AdFeeder Lite Customer
  • 3,061 qualified clicks at just 23p per click

    AdFeeder for Lease Cars

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