Smart digital marketing

AdFeeder is an innovative PPC automation platform that currently powers over 750 car dealer locations across the UK, pushing over 1.2 million ads into Google each day.

AdFeeder automatically generates incredibly effective and efficient PPC campaigns that change and update daily, as your stock changes. What’s more, because AdFeeder campaigns are so well optimised, you’ll notice your cost per click reduce significantly.

How we help customers find you

We help your customers to find the car that they’re searching for quickly and easily.

AdFeeder uses your stock data file to generate every possible keyword combination and shows relevant, compelling and up-to-date ads for each of the cars that you are selling.


Keywords & ads based on your actual stock data!

​Imagine that you are selling a 2016 white BMW 4 Series and that someone within your catchment area is searching online to buy that car.


AdFeeder ads show relevant details, such as up-to-date pricing

AdFeeder ads include important purchasing details such as year, make, model, variant, mileage and pricing – giving customers enough information to make an enquiry, before they have even clicked your ad.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

It really is as simple as that. The user searches for a car you have in stock, then sees all of the information that they need before deciding to click your ad. They are then taken straight to the vehicle description page, before booking a test drive or making an enquiry.

We’ve done our job!

We ensure that no matter what words the customer uses to search; if you are selling that car, they will see your ad. This is true of any car that you have in stock.

What’s more is that the system will refresh automatically each time you have a new car on your lot, as well as each time that you sell a car. 

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