WATCH: This Toyota & McDonalds collaboration is an child's dream

Burgers, Fries and an side of slides

Who else misses McDonalds?

Prepare to be extremely jealous. McDonalds and Toyota’s sporty sidekick, Gazoo Racing have joined forces to create the ultimate set of Happy Meal toys.

From today (May 1), McDonalds visitors on the islands of Kyushu and limited stores in the Yamaguchi Prefecture will have a chance to get their hands on a bright red GR Supra diecast toy from model giant Tomica with any Happy Meal purchase. Those living in the mid and northern areas of the country including Tokyo will miss out. Just like us!

So how exactly do you present this new colab to the world? Remember when here in the UK we were lucky enough to get HotWheels toys inside a Happy Meal? Yeah we miss that too. Toyota and McDonalds didn’t release this exciting news to the world quietly, that’s for sure. Meet two of Japan’s most famous drifters, Daigo Saito and Nobuteru Taniguchi. The plan was simple, get them to drift around giant burgers and fries in their fully competition prepped Supra drift cars, film it, stuck it online, and wait for it to go viral.

Copyright of Toyota & McDonalds. Via Toyota GAZOO Racing Youtube Channel

This wonderfully put together video and campaign also coincides with toy maker Tomica’s 50th anniversary, which has been making scale models of just about anything with an engine, and have created eight unique cars to collect in Happy Meals.   

Alongside the GR Supra is a plethora of toys to keep a little one occupied, including a Mazda CX-5 Police car and a Nismo GTR race car!

Desperate to learn more? Check out McDonald’s website here.


Copyright of Toyota & McDonalds. Via Toyota GAZOO Racing Youtube Channel

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