We have a vision of a Wales where every woman and girl is treated equally, is able to fully participate in the economy, and public and political life and live safe from violence and fear.

Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales, Chwarae Teg, Women Connect First and Welsh Women’s Aid launched a Manifesto for Equality for Women and Girls in Wales.” – Chwarae Teg


AdFeeder’s very own Digital Strategist Beth Dwyer recently joined the wonderful Chwarae Teg on a 12 week training course, awarding her with a coveted ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills qualification. Beth wanted to share some information and her thoughts on this course that has both challenged and educated her along the way.

The concept behind Chwarae Teg is to promote gender equality and bridge the gender pay gap, by building skills and confidence within the workplace to help women progress into managerial roles. The course is open to women of all ages, from any industry and job role. From those who are looking to strengthen themselves as current managers, to those like Beth looking to gain the skills required to take on a more managerial/team lead position.

Chwarae Teg encourages students to complete ‘Reflective Reviews’ coursework based on each day’s key teachings – theory, how to manage certain situations or behaviours, as well acknowledging the various skills and behaviours individuals and peers possess at work – they would then reflect what had been learnt and how it eventuated into the workplace. 


Before the course began: I knew I had the capability, however I wanted to better my communication skills across all levels to be able to push forward in my career. To be able to speak with authority and clarity and prevent my inner voice from being negative in times I need to shine.

Even after the first day, I was completely energised, focused and feeling a lot more confident about my capabilities.

As Wales’ leading gender equality charity, Chwarae Teg works to develop women’s economic potential, by supporting their careers and working with organisations and employers to develop modern work places and practices where women achieve and prosper.

Beth says: “I learnt so much about how to communicate to different workplace personalities, how to effectively record and document conversations, how to grow my confidence levels for my own personal tasks and managing a team – bringing out the team lead within me.

I got to learn alongside such inspirational women – those juggling multiple jobs; some who were nearly 10 years younger than me and already so ambitious. There were some who did so much charity work on top of the current roles or being mums and of course juggling their commitments with our coursework deadlines.

I would highly recommend that people look into this course. I am in a much happier, prosperous place and excited to practice all I’ve learnt at Blanco Digital.”

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